Energy work and Reiki Certification


Energy work, Reiki, sound healing, cacao ceremonies, and shamanic journeywork are some of my favorite things to do to stay in a flow state of love, sharing knowledge and experience. I have been a Reiki Master since 2012, and started teaching in 2014. I have a lot of experience and advanced information to share within energy work. I love creating a safe space for people to discover, explore and hone in on their psychic gifts. I am always learning as a humble student and excited to share everything I know as well as teacher, sitting at a round table with all those called to journey with me. 

*One thing to know before working with me is that psychedelics were a huge catalyst for me in my beginning process of awakening.  I opened too much too fast and suffered the consequences... I will write more about my journey later, but for now... just know I have gone through losing everything, epic release, change, and de-programming .... I have spent many years facing my own depression & shadow, eventually learning how to keep inner peace through outer chaos. I have worked on rebuilding myself from foundational aspects of being from the ground up and put together an amazing study group to go over much conscious conversation that benefits anyone that chooses to go through powerful self-review and opportunity for healing.  I can also point everyone to powerful authors of amazing books that help greatly along the way.  And of course, I am always growing and learning, just like everyone else. 


Below: Behind the scene shots of some Reiki trainings and sessions

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