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About Renee

Renee Sarasvati is a visionary artist & photographer, tarot reader, Reiki Master Teacher, and world traveler. She is fueled by soulful inner love, passion and considers herself a forever student within the messiness of this human life. Her goal is to feel everything to her greatest ability and capture vibrational frequencies through meditative art and expression. 

Renee spent many years eating, breathing and sleeping photography, working in the creative commercial realms of the stock photo world. She created and led several events that involved many locations, world wide photographers, and hundreds of models. You can view her iStock/Getty portfolio at the following link:​. 

Renee's journey with fine art painting (mostly with oils) started at the age of 7 when she got to do a sort of Bob Ross inspired lesson taught by her father... she never put the paint brush down since. Renee focusses on creating paintings from inner visions selling her original works to collectors who find that spark of connection. She has participated in a few of her own art shows as well as working on art murals locally to SLC, UT and one at the Mystical Yoga Farm in Guatemala. 

Renee was mostly a self-taught artist until studying the Mischtechnik technique with Daniel Mirante in 2022. This has created a shift in style and another level to her art journey and evolution.  As you look through her work on this website, you may see a different styles of work emerge as you scroll through it.

Reiki and tarot reading has also been a huge part of Renee's journey as she has been focused on spirituality, intuition, and her own powerful healing journey through the messiness of the human drama and trauma. Everything in these subtle realms weaves its way into the full experience of her personality, the ability to work with and capture the essence people through art and photography, as well as pulling vibrational frequencies across the veil into expression. She loves tarot reading at private events and is often running Reiki and energy work study groups. Her main goal is to approach life with gentle. loving kindness to walk through this experience in a balanced and good way. She is always working on honoring herself in an open hearted flow state - learning from powerful life lessons along the way.  

Renee is open to many art mediums and is always exploring... with interest in the dome building/ earth ship world, she has participated in leading groups creating bottle windows in walls and creative projects such as designing and tiling a bathtub. She has dreams of building moon gates and creating her own tile designs. 

Renee is looking to work on projects in alignment, possible commissions, and open to artist in residence opportunities around the world. She is available to hire for photography sessions, including portraits, modeling portfolios, and product images. To get in touch, please use this contact form. 
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