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Renee Sarasvati Photography ~ Located in Rio Rancho New Mexico, now serving surrounding areas. 

Photography Services:

Retreat Photographer


Actor/Model Photo Shoots

Personal & Family Portraits


Business Headshots

Product Photography

Commercial Photography

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More about Renee's Photography Journey...
Renee started her photography journey in 2002. Around 2004, she founded a free photography club (SLC Photo Club) and led gatherings for about for 7 years, with the intention to inspire fun learning and growing with photo walks, lessons and critiques rather than competition. She was on the list of top 100 stock photographers with iStock in 2010, and at the time was one of 50 photographers offered a rights managed Getty contract. She planned several large scale photography/model/location photo shoot events with professional photographers attending from all around the world. She has been published world wide through stock photography. Here are a few fun photos of published works and life events with comments to look at through as a small peek into her journey over the years (posted below).
Cover of the iStock Coffee Table Book: Parallel Perspectives
Renee's photography on the cover and back of the iStock Photo Coffee Table Book: Parallel Perspectives. Quote by Founder of iStock, Bruce Livingstone: "There are more than 65,000 iStock artists around the world now. We wanted to capture the unique, personal moments all those different sets of eyes have witnessed in their corner of the world. This book is our visual atlas: the world as iStock sees it."  02-2009
Local recognition through the City Weekly Arty's Awards for Best Photography Exhibit in 2010 "The Body Illustrated" featured at the Utah Arts Alliance.
Renee Sarasvati's photography on the cover of Catalyst Magazine
Founder of the SLC Photo Club which gathered for about 5-6 years (2005-2010). Renee Coordinated events, taught photography concepts and led photo walks and critiques.
Renee has participated in hundreds of photoshoots with hundreds of people... if not thousands!
Renee Sarasvati  Photography/Renphoto Published Locally and Worldwide
Renee's stock photo of herself  drinking tea, used by the Psychadelica series for Ayahuasca
Many photoshoots at the Salt Flats in Utah
Creative Photo Shoots by Renee Sarasvati

Below: Behind the scene shots of some photo shoots

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