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Medicine Rattles

Rattles are sacred tools that have been used as powerful sound healing tools in ceremonies for thousands of years. Keeping a certain beat can assist your mind going into a trance for powerful shamanic journey work. You can use rattles in Reiki sessions to signal when to breath or release thinking. Renee has been hand crafting rattles since about 2015, and love them with all my heart. Each one is unique and one of a kind, made with so much love. 

*These are currently made with carefully selected sticks and stones and a plastic sphere base, The base contains overlays of clays, and paints. Seed beads are inside to create a soft, and beautiful rattle sound. Message me for video with sound. These rattles should not be left in hot cars or taken into sweat lodges, unless you have a copper plated version. 

Please message me directly to see what is currently available. 

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