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ART oRACLE cARDS by renee sarasvati


This Oracle Tarot deck was designed as a tool to help develop intuition. As meanings of each card can change in every reading, the goal is to start trusting intuition.

Art Oracle Deck by Renee SarasvatiThis is a self published, non traditional, oracle card deck. Some cards are horizontal. Images are all created by the artist Renee Sarasvati, with most of her paintings over the last 5 years. The symbolism can mean different things to different people, so there is no wrong or right way to read the cards. just use your intuition! 

*I am currently out of stock of basic decks, but will be looking for a publisher soon to create availability world wide. I may also place another order for the self-published version some time in Fall of 2020... please message me if you would like to be contacted when available. 


Art Oracle Cards by Renee Sarasvati

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