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Soul Portraits ~ Photography and Paintings Combined

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

I am now offering soul portraits... ideally going from my own photo session with you! I would love to meet, drink heart opening cacao, eye gaze, do a photoshoot and then paint what I feel and see in you. Please contact me for a quote if you are interested.

Here are some examples of my work in progress ~ along with the finished piece on some, and I will come back to update this post as I create more in the future as well.

2022 self portraits--

Both of these are in beginning stages of the paintings.

Soul portrait of Theresa

Theresa has amazing energy and is passionately standing strong in her passions and creative way of life! I saw a rainbow phoenix wrapping around her as well as the eye nebula in the background that came in really strong. It was an honor to work with her and create this piece. <3

Soul portrait of Lendy in Progress

Lendy is a dear friend of mine... we did a super fun photo shoot up in the Wasatch mountains and now I am painting this for her. It already captures her glow, wisdom and gentle loving kindness. I am excited to see how this painting unfolds as I am really channeling in the moment.

Soul portrait of Nennette in Progress...

Nennette is a friend in the community who passed away from brain cancer. She hosted one of my first Kambo sessions and I did this photo shoot of her. I plan to gift this soul painting to her family once it is done. <3

Soul Portrait of Eric Tolman in progress...

Eric was able to meet up with me in person before I started his soul portrait... so we drove to the mountains, drank cacao and eye gazed. I had no idea this dragon was going to come through, I love what's happening here!

I will continue to update this page as I go... I already have many more in progress. Please check back soon, thank you!

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