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Move to New Mexico and South West Inspiration

Feeling like I really found my soul mate (life partner)... I love and adore Fred. Life has become very peaceful and I feel safe in this beautiful relationship. It has taken me a lifetime to find this sort of conscious relationship that practices loving kindness, honesty and honoring towards each other. So my move to New Mexico is to be with him! We go through our shadows and imperfections just like anyone else, but there is also a deep honoring of each other not to project inner darkness onto the other. It is nice to be held in a truly loving space.

So now in New Mexico, I am also surrounded by artists and art galleries that are in alignment with the soulful edgy style that I love to create. When I travel, I love to be impacted by culture, style, colors and get really inspired to let that all sink in to the depths of my subconscious. My first southwest style painting is of a Prickly Pear Cactus.

I feel like this painting expresses my love for nature and that the mystic is in the mundane. There is no need for any substances to feel the beauty of this world. This painting represents the peace I am experiencing... Fred and I sit outside every night just to be present with the birds, dogs, sky, sand, trees, wind, sun and moon.

I was going to paint a sun for my next painting... but it turned into solar planets aligning... which is perfect haha! This is very much a work in progress, and I cant wait to feature it at an upcoming art show in Placitas NM.

So life is good! And I am here in NM to play and create. I love it here. I love my relationship... I AM Happy!! YAY!! Hehe.

More expressive, creative artwork coming soon. Until then, please check out my online art gallery.

Much love!


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