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How To Channel Inner Visions Art From Your Heart - Acrylic Painting Online Course with Renee Sarasvati

Updated: Jan 5

This is a 5-Week, go-at-your-own-pace, online art course available through the Wild and Sacred App in the Google Play Store or through the following link:

In this Course:

Week One: Learn to bust through blocks that may be stopping you from creating. This week there are daily art challenges that encourage you to tackle the inner critic and allow the art to flow just as it is and wants to come through. Surrender to your natural unfolding while connecting to a powerful creative process. Open to channeling your inner visions, I will share how I do this! I also include some powerful art and design techniques and tips!

Week Two: Start to explore your paint and tools, how to create texture, play with light and shadow, color theory and more. Even the most advanced artists can continue to explore these basic realms with an open heart and mind... as we never know it all and can learn more through experimentation.

Week Three: Channel your Spirit Animal! I will guide you on how to travel through the lower worlds in shamanic journey work, using a combination of meditation and visualization to pull from the depths of your own inner visions. There are several lessons this week where I share a creative process showing how to create a painting from beginning to end, layer by layer.

Week Four: Channel and Element (water, air, earth, fire). We will enter the middle worlds to connect with an element and bring it through into a painting. Art lessons will include starting with a background, playing with light and shadow, painting by candlelight, and including final details.

Week Five: Channel your Spirit Guide from the Upper Worlds. This week we will continue to practice techniques learned throughout the course to create a painting expressing your connection to higher dimensional beings. You can go wild with creating textures and design, pushing and pulling light and shadow to create depth while continuing to explore your own unique creative processes that emerge through trial and error.

👉 Who is this art course for?

The program is specifically designed to put an end to self-doubt and start painting. It can help beginner and intermediate artists get through a creative block and learn how to channel inner visions. It’s designed for people who’ve tried creating art and still haven’t been able to feel like an “artist”.

👉 What’s included

You’ll get 5 weeks of guided art lessons. (5 Lessons per week, 25 lessons total plus bonus videos and meditations).

👉What equipment do I need?

I have a list of art supplies that cost under $200, as well as a more affordable list on a budget. You can also use what you have if you already have art supplies.

  • Set of Acrylic Paints (Basic Acrylics work great)

  • Set of Art Brushes

  • Canvas to Paint on

  • Pallete Paper

  • Drop Cloth

  • Gesso

  • Art Sponges

  • Sketch Book & Pencils

  • Acrylic Matte Medium

Items for Transfer Technique:

  • Vine Charcoal, White Chalk, Chalk Pencils, Masking tape, Black India Ink

👉 How much time do I need?

30-40 minutes a day or per lesson.  This is a 5-Week course, but you can go at your own pace and will have lifetime access.

Here’s a final reminder of everything you’re going to get:

✅ Guided meditations on opening to third-eye visions.

✅Private Facebook Community to share your progress.

✅ Watch Tutorials from anywhere and create from your own space.


Open Your Heart with Intuitive Art Course: $497

NOW ON SALE FOR 50% OFF** at $248.50

*Once you purchase this course, you can access it through the Wild and Sacred App in the Google Play Store and/or find it through the following link:

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