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Wild and Sacred Medicine Rattle Sound Healing Course

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Wild and Sacred, Mover and Shaker, Power Maker

Wild and Sacred 5-Week Online Medicine Rattle, Sound Healing Course

We are excited to share the power of the rattle through this 5-week course as one of our Wild and Sacred Energy Work Certification programs.

In This Course:

Earth and Elemental Magic

Shamanic Journey Work

Sound Healing Techniques

Moving and Shaking energy


Medicine Songs

and more...

Bonus Material:

  • Online Community

  • Wild and Sacred Sound Healing Certification

  • Guided Meditations

  • In person event offerings for locals (Sandy, Utah)

We have asked Louis (who is holding space, signing and rattling in this video)... to share some of his wisdom with us. Louis comes from the Seri tribe where they speak a dialect unknown to the rest of the world, there are less than 200 children left in the tribe. This is a way we can approach healing in an non-appropriative way and include those who have preserved these wisdoms as well as send support to him in Mexico where he is trying to raise money to send his children to university.

The rattle is ancient art and wisdom preserved through indigenous tribes and we are grateful to be honoring that wisdom in our course. Rattles are POWERFUL... which is why we have decided to start our very first online Wild and Sacred energy work course modules with them.

This is a 5-Week Online Course

  • Video lessons will be about 20-30 minutes per day, 5 days a week.

  • You can go at your own pace from any location.

  • Access the courses through our Wild and Sacred App or your computer.

  • Join us for local gatherings: Follow us at the Wild and Sacred Portal on Facebook.

Course Facilitators:

Renee Sarasvati

Autumn Kunz Salinas

Read More about Autumn and Renee:

Course Investment: Full Price $795 -- On SALE for $444

Please contact us with questions, inquiries and/or interest through the Wild and Sacred Portal at the following link:

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