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Tarot Project by Renee Sarasvati

I am so excited to announce that I am working on a tarot deck with goals to release it in 2024. I will keep updating this post as I go, and please join my email list to stay updated. Simply go to the front page of my site ( and hover for 3 seconds and the opportunity to sign up will appear.

Each card in this deck will also represent a stone, crystal or mineral... I am working closely with friends Mike and Melanie Duncombe who own Sun Spirit Gems to carefully place each stone cleverly with the meaning of each tarot card. They have so many stones, I get to hold each one in my hand while channeling the art work.

In this Blog Post, you will mostly get to see the Creative Process and Art in Progress (Different stages of the painting).

Major Arcana 1: The Magician: Libyan Glass - Here is the painting in progress, showing some of my creative process...

Major Arcana 2: High Priestess: Moldavite - This one is not done yet... still very much in progress with more layers and glazes to go!

Not sure which card this will be yet (below). I had a dream where I woke up looking at this image repeating to myself: Sedimentary stone over and over.... so I make sure to listen when that happens. I used Leonardo Divinci's drawing as reference. This one is also very much in progress, so NOT done YET!

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